A cost-effective solution for your precious advertising dollars, Netstorm provides you with REAL connects of people that are in your area through Regional, internal Storefront, and or Mobile event based Wi-Fi offerings that extend your digital and social media marketing efforts far beyond anything else in the market place.

About Netstorm

Digital Gorrila Marketing

Netstorm provides Smart Wi-Fi connectivity, coupled with an advertising platform, and creative services to its clients that in turn provide an exceptional value proposition to their customer base. Through our Regional, Storefront, and Mobile (Event based) commercial grade, managed Smart Wi-Fi networks, we provide an exceptional value for your digital marketing dollars.

Digital Strategy

Netstorm takes your digital strategy to the next level with our Regional, Storefront and Mobile Wi-Fi marketing opportunities that give a far better value proposition for your dollars, by reaching people that are actually in YOUR area.

More People & Secure

You might already provide Free Wi-Fi in your location, but how many people can be on it at once? Are you actually marketing to the people on it? Lastly, how secure is it, and will it prevent someone from getting to your POS System? Our solution provides far more connects, direct and indirect marketing and much more secure.

Social Retargeting

Netstorm gives you the ability to reach people that are in a Region or your Storefront networks, as well as a follow-up after they visit with social media retargeting campaigns.

Netstorm Features

Netstorm has a number of “value-added” features that allows you to capitalize on your digital marketing strategies by reaching actual people that are actually within your area. Real connects, locally that are far more beneficial than pure web based traffic.

Connect Page

The Connect Page is the "first touch" marketing opportunity available on our networks, as those that advertise here are seen by everyone connecting to the internet. Giving you a far better reach in terms of views, of people that are in your area.

Landing Page

Our proprietary Landing Page gives a viable medium for the user to see not just your adverts, but watch content created by you the advertiser, that engages them, not just "marketing" to them.


With Netstorm's ease of connecting to our network, we have seen a far better adoption rate of users (connects) than those "Free" networks that require a social media, email or user login to gain access.



Having a Storefront Wi-Fi solution with Netstorm Smart Wi-Fi can provide a secure connection for your customers, without concern for someone breaching your POS or Transactional connections.

Retargeting Campaigns

Netstorm allows for a valuable, potential second touch marketing effort via social media retargeting campaigns that are based on the people that have actually been on our networks, in a region where your business is located.

In-Session Marketing

This offering gives an ability to reach people as they surf within a browser, as well as offering coupon and or special alert items as they are on a Netstorm Regional, or Storefront network within your area.

Netstorm Smart Wi-Fi

Here is a brief overview of what Netstorm is and provides. For more information, feel free to fill out the Contact form at bottom of the page, as we’d love to speak with you in detail how our solutions can help you’re ROI.

What Is Netstorm?

Netstorm is “Smart Wi-Fi.” that does much more than just connect people to the internet. It gives you, the advertiser, an ability to reach targeted people within YOUR area, by Regional, Internal Storefront, or Mobile event based marketing, with an added value of Social Media re-targeting campaign capabilities.

Regional Wi-Fi Marketing

Netstorm has a set of Regions with FREE Public Wi-Fi that users connect to the internet without having to log in, or give personal information. This ensures a better than normal connect rate. With our commercial grade network, we can handle far more connections at any given time than most Wi-Fi networks are able to. This creates a large audience for you, the advertiser, to be seen with your offerings, both while they are on the network, as well as afterwards via social media retargeting campaigns that are possible with Netstorm.

Internal Storefront Marketing

Netstorm provides an Internal Storefront Wi-Fi capability unparalleled by our competitors. With a Storefront, you have a tailored connect and landing page at log-on that can provide a far better internal marketing experience to your customers by not just connecting to the internet, but reaching them with in-session marketing as well as social media re-targeting campaigns that will bring them back to your location.

Mobile Storm Wi-Fi

Netstorm has the ability to rapidly deploy an event based Wi-Fi Network solution for events, festivals, concerts and more. Mobile Storm has the reliability of Netstorm Regional Wi-Fi coupled with the tailored option of custom screen specifically for your event. It can also be utilized for sales to help generate revenue during the event, while also having the social media re-targeting campaign options to follow-up with those that attended and logged-on at the event.

Client Examples

Just a few of our client examples that are in use currently on our networks

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